Steve bought our 100 acre home farm that he was born and raised on, in 2002, from his parents Clare & Wendy.   His dreams and desire to spend his life farming realized.  He started out with about 18 cows, which has grown to 62 cows presently.   Steve has spent a number of years raising his cow/calf herd, fattening to finish and sell at the local stockyard.   As a means of feeding his family and another source of revenue, he began selling freezer beef by the quarter, half and whole animal on a by-call basis.   The idea of fresh, growth hormone free products sold from the farm has certainly been revived and there has been a great response to the availability of these products.

When Kendra joined the farm in 2007, together we continued to grow the business.   Construction began in 2013 on a multi-purpose building that would, amoung many things, house the Bloomers Family Farm business, finally moving it from the basement of our home to a bigger area with the intention of increasing the variety and amount of product.   Today, Bloomers Family Farm offers not only farm fresh eggs, beef, chicken, and pork products but also Rolling Ridge Maple Syrup products, Glavin Rutabagas, seasonal and home décor.

Bloomers Beef, Chicken and Eggs are home grown here on the farm.   The cattle are an Angus Cross, raised from birth so we know exactly where our meat comes from, how it was fed and cared for.   They are fed from corn that is grown right on the farm, and there are absolutely NO growth hormones used in any of the products.   All of our products are gluten free.   The Pork is sourced through our butcher Trevor Edwards, of Zurich Meat Market.

Zurich Meat Market is the local abbatoir that handles the processing of our cattle.   Located on Highway 83, east of Exeter, Ontario, proprietor Trevor Edwards does a tremendous job preparing all of our meat products.   Schefter Poultry Processing located in Gorrie, Ontario, handles the processing of our chickens.   Also a family run operation we enjoy working with and the care and dedication given to our product.

Each spring we eagerly take part in both the Ilderton & Strathroy Farmer's Market that runs from June to September.   It gives us a chance to meet some great new local customers and continue to work with our current clientele within our hometown community.   It allows for many of our family members to get involved, making it a truly family run business.

Presently, we have a farming operation that encompasses 650 acres of pasture, crop land and hay ground, 62 cows that produce calves yearly, 3 bulls, 99 laying hens, and 300 meat birds throughout the year, many friendly barn cats, and an awesome dog named Buddy.   In the Spring & Summer months our children are actively involved in the local 4H Beef & Sheep Clubs.   At those times we are home to a couple of sheep and haltered beef calves.   We also provide custom baling services for products such as hay, straw, corn stubble, oats & peas, as well as sales of hay & straw bales.   A recent addition to those services is a bale wrapper.   In the winter months we provide commercial snow removal services, and in the summer commercial property maintenance services.   It takes many different avenues to make this farm operate and thrive!

It takes many hands to make all of these things work, and we wouldn't be where we are today without the love and support of our family.   We are blessed to have parents, aunts and uncles, children, friends and neighbours who are willing to pour themselves into our passions to make things work.

We so look forward to the continued growth of our Farm & Family!



11554 Ivan Drive Ilderton, Ontario