Our Beef is an Angus Cross, that we raise from birth on our cow/calf farm.   We know everything about each animal, from their birthing quailities, to their personalities.   As much as it is a "business", it is our passion to raise happy, healthy animals.   As well as to provide our customers with the best quality meat products to feed to their families.


About our beef...

To get our beef products from the barn yard to the freezer, it takes about 4 weeks.   Once the animal is to a rough weight of 1350-1550lbs, we will ship to the abbatoir.   We can only ship cattle to the abbatoir on Tuesdays each week.   We let our beef hang for 3 weeks to flavor, season the meat.   During the 4th week the butcher will cut and wrap the meat, and we will pick it up and transport it to the store to sell.   If ordering a 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal you are looking at a turn around time of about 4 weeks.   We try to keep our stock of per piece items available in the store year round.

beef options:

Available in 1/4, 1/2 and Whole Animal.

All products are Gluten - Free.

Please contact us for pricing.


STEAK (2 per package)



Sirloin (single steak per package)  


Rib Eye


New York Strip



Short Rib  

Eye of the Round  

Sirloin Tip  




Prime Rib (special order item) 


Ground Beef  

Stir Fry Strips  

Stew Beef  

Soup Bones


Brazing Ribs



Beef Tenderloin (special order item)

Oxtail for soup

Beef Liver

Beef Tongue

Beef Heart  


Pepperettes (Mild, Medium, Hot or Honey Garlic) 

BBQ Sausage  

Summer Sausage  

Patties  (Bag of 32, 16 or 8)