Eight Years Ago.....

Yesterday we celebrated a special day here in the Bloomfield home! Mason is eight years old!


Mason is the oldest of our two boys, and is also the 3rd child in this blended family of ours.  Eight years ago we were blessed with the first of our two children together.  When I met Steve I wasn’t even sure I would have the experience of child birth.  While I was lucky enough to gain two children from the beginning of our relationship, the idea of adding to our crew was uncertain. 

Mason baby pic 9.JPG

Steve was at a point in life where he thought he was done having children, having made a fairly permanent decision in his first marriage, it was quite unlikely he would have any more children.  However, life threw some curve balls, and here we are today. 

I remember when I met Steve he was very open and honest about the fact that he couldn’t have anymore children, and I was okay with that.  I loved him enough that I felt we could live very happily as a blended family of 4.  Not long after the relationship was considered “serious”, and the talk of marriage began, the idea of children began to take shape.  Steve is very much what many refer to as being a “kid person”.  He loves them, he has a way with kids, and it wasn’t long before the idea of a small surgery was on the table.   

After we got married in 2007, we spent a couple of years living life, spending time with Nathan and Hayley, learning and growing together.    In the fall of 2009 Steve agreed to make not only a large financial investment but a pretty big physical investment on his part.    The procedure was not covered by OHIP, and was a huge risk as there was no guarantee it would work.  The worst part of all for him (besides the obvious discomfort) was the idea of being bed ridden for 10 days afterwards.  Let me tell you it was a painful time for all, as Steve does not sit still very well, likes to be busy, and feels the weight of his responsibilities daily.  We were thankful to have amazing friends and family that helped us with chores, snowplowing and farm work. 

God had big plans for us as the procedure was a success and by June 2010 we were expecting our first child together!  Nathan and Hayley were excited to welcome a new addition to the family.  Mason was born in February, and after a few complications during pregnancy and immediately following, we were able to bring him home a week or so later.  Nathan and Hayley welcomed him into the fam right away, loved on him and pitched in when & wherever needed.  They didn’t skip a beat, and never looked at him as anything other then their brother. ❤️

We have been so very happy to watch him grow over the last 8 years. You hear it all the time usually from the older generations who have gone before us…they really do grow so fast, and change so quickly! It has been a joy to watch him become his own person, to watch all of his firsts, both good and bad. To watch his successes and his struggles, to wipe his tears and receive his smiles and hugs.

I often look into his blue eyes and remember what a gift both he and his brother were from our Almighty Creator. The fact the procedure was a success in and of itself is amazing, and the fact that we were able to conceive not once but twice without complication is not taken for granted. We are thankful on not only the good days, but the bad days too, for the gift of all 4 children in this blended family.

So as we celebrate a birthday, we also celebrate the beginning of our blended family life.  We celebrate the high highs and the low lows, the good and the bad, the happy and sad.  A blended family is not always easy, its hard.  We have learned so much and are no where near finished walking this road.  Just when you think you have it all figured out, you find yourself at a fork in the road, making a steep climb, and experiencing some thrilling descents.    We look forward to watching the 4 of them follow the path God has laid out, with eager anticipation and at times anxiety too.    In the end we hope that each of them are healthy, happy, kind, caring, compassionate and honest human beings.  That strive to make a difference in this world each and every day, big or small! 💕