Last night we celebrated a 17th birthday!  Nathan the eldest of our 4 children turned 17 on Sunday.    It's hard to believe that we are here at the stage of driving, contemplating college, girlfriends, and all the other firsts that come with the first born teenager.

I have had the pleasure of being apart of this guy's life for the past 11 years.   Watching him grow up and having a hand in that has been a major eye opening experience for me.   Nathan moved here to the farm 3 years ago full time.   His passion for farming and working alongside his father has been fun to watch as it develops.   Having a teenager "under foot" suddenly, has taught me a lot!!   While we have experienced lots of ups and downs, and I'm sure will continue to as we travel along this road called life, watching as the kids start to get involved in the farm and our family run business has been truly amazing!

As I mentioned Nathan works alongside Steve as often as he can.   He has grown up watching his Dad and learning the tricks of the trade.   He runs the equipment, can look after the barn and all the animals, and is GREAT at customer service!   He still has a lot of learning and growing to do, but we do pray that he is on the right track to become a successful entrepreneur and help us grow and expand this family run operation!


Happy Birthday Nathan!